Using Observer Pattern to send messages in a Spring project

In this post we display a usage of the Observer pattern in a Spring project. We need to push a notification to a user, based on some other user actions. We will use a simple action like a dropdown selection. When a user chooses an option from the dropdown, the rest users will get notified Read more about Using Observer Pattern to send messages in a Spring project[…]

Spring Security Simple Authentication

In this post, we will create a simple application, that displays Spring Security form-based authentication. The user is prompted to give his credentials. If they are correct, he enters to the dashboard. If they are wrong, he gets an error message. Dashboard is accessible only by authenticated users.  The full github repository can be found here:  Read more about Spring Security Simple Authentication[…]

Hibernate – SpringCore – MySQL – Junit

Simple application that displays the Service and the Persistence layers of a typical Hibernate project. The app is a eGradebook which should display the grades of the students in different classes. This project only displays the backend so there is no MVC here. The functionality is tested using JUnit. Technologies Used Spring Core Hibernate MySQL Maven Junit Database The Read more about Hibernate – SpringCore – MySQL – Junit[…]